Your Life At Googong

Community Facilities

Providing a quality lifestyle

In conjunction with Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, we’ve completed a Community Plan for Googong. This has identified the community facilities required to meet the needs of residents. Most importantly, it sets out the funding and timing for these facilities. Among the facilities to be provided are:

  • a multipurpose centre in the town centre, which will include a council shopfront, library and community hall as well as meeting and activity rooms

  • two neighbourhood community centres

  • Club Googong, with its indoor pool, outdoor kids’ splash deck, tennis courts and gym – now open and available for residents and the public to enjoy!

  • recreational facilities including eleven playing fields, ten tennis courts and six netball courts, a regional playground, thirteen local parks, an indoor sports centre, and over 15km of walkways, bike paths and bush trails (much of this is already available).

Under a separate agreement, with the NSW Government, we will also commit land for a fire station and schools.

tennis in googongfamily park in GoogongSwimming on GoogongFitness gym in GoogongChildren playing soccer in Googong



The Googonian Department of Health recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. But with Club Googong and the township’s many parks close at hand, you may find it hard to limit your daily Googercise intake to just thirty minutes!