Your Guide To Buying At Googong

NSW Government Incentives

Googong means great value

Whether you’re a first home buyer, or you’re just looking for that next perfect place to live, there are some fantastic reasons why buying at Googong makes perfect financial sense.

You’ll find your budget buys a bigger block at Googong – check out our current price list here to see for yourself.  In fact, our blocks are so well priced that you can save around $170,000 on a comparable block in Canberra’s north (Throsby, 2016-2017).

Under the NSW Government’s First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme eligible first home buyers have full exemption from stamp duty for both new and existing homes for properties up to $650,000 (and stamp duty is discounted for transactions up to $800,000).  That’s up to $25,000 in savings that stay in your pocket.

Don’t forget the First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) scheme, which provides a grant of $10,000 for new home purchases under $600,000; or for a property where you enter into a contract to build, or are an owner builder the grant applies for total value up to $750,000.

So why not come find out why everybody is talking about the Googonian lifestyle by visiting our new Display Village or calling past our Sales & Information Centre today!


Energy saving rebates

The NSW Government offers a range of energy saving rebates for solar, solar hot water, photovoltaic cells, and heat pumps. You will need to make your own enquiries as to your eligibility.

You can find more information here:


* We cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for any schemes from the NSW Government. You should make your own enquiries as to your eligibility and the conditions that apply. See

Coming home

Coming home

Returning home in the evenings to Googong, with its backdrop of beautiful Australian scenery, will leave you so full of zen-like contentment that you’ll practically float through the front door.