Our Environmental Responsibility

Water Cycle System

Googong will be so water efficient, its 18,000 residents will use less water than just 6,500 residents would normally use in an average Australian community.

An integrated water cycle management system with a dedicated water treatment and recycling plant for the township will make recycled water available for toilet flushing and garden use. This could reduce potable (drinking) water consumption by around 60%, and recycle well over half of the waste water generated to irrigate open spaces in the township.

We will also use water sensitive urban design to manage water quality and collect storm water to irrigate key streetscapes, ovals and parklands throughout Googong.

Googong water cycle diagram

Coming home

Coming home

Returning home in the evenings to Googong, with its backdrop of beautiful Australian scenery, will leave you so full of zen-like contentment that you’ll practically float through the front door.