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Living with Wildlife

Googonians are likely to regularly see and interact with many native species given the wonderful natural surroundings of Googong. Native animals that you might see in the Googong area include kangaroos, wombats, possums, gliders, lizards, snakes, turtles, insects, spiders and a myriad of birds. For information on Googong's threatened non-human residents, refer to the Threatened Species section of this website.

Planting local native species is a great way of encouraging native animals, especially birds, into your yard. This website will shortly be updated with advice and suggested species for native landscaping. In the meantime, you can contact the rangers at Googong Foreshores for information on suitable species (02 6207 2779).


The most commonly occurring snakes in the Googong area are the Eastern Brown Snake and Red-Bellied Black Snake.

If you come across a snake, don't panic, snakes are likely to move away on of their own accord and are best left alone. If one visits your yard it is usually just passing through and will generally only remain if there is a consistent food and water source. Remember, it is illegal to harm any native animal, including snakes.

More information on snakes in NSW can be found here.

If you are concerned about a snake on your property you can call Wildcare for advice on 02 6299 1966.

Injured wildlife

If injured or orphaned wildlife are found within Googong Foreshores, you should alert the rangers at the ranger station on Googong Road. If injured or orphaned wildlife are found outside of the Foreshores, you should call Wildcare on 02 6299 1966.

Googonians with a particular interest in native wildlife are encouraged to learn how to perform wildlife first aid, through Wildcare or a similar rescue organisation.

Googonian front porch

Googonian front porch

Feel more at one with your neighbourhood thanks to the traditional Googonian front porch. Served best with wine, cheese and a neighbour or two.