Our Environmental Responsibility

Googong's Bright, Green Future

Googonians are fortunate to live surrounded by the natural environment and on the doorstep of the spectacular Googong Foreshores. To protect our precious environment, we have implemented numerous measures to prevent impacts upon Googong Dam and the water supply, as well as upon local plants, animals and ecological communities. We aim to provide residents with the opportunity to learn about and explore Googong's unique natural surroundings as well as to educate all Googonians as custodians of this local environment. We have ensured that Googonians have ample green space within Googong itself, with over 23% of Googong's area dedicated to open spaces and landscaping.

Jogging in GoogongChild playing in water GoogongKyaking around Googong LakeRiding bikes around Googong Lake

The Googong off switch

The Googong off switch

A day spent with the kids in Googong's parks and outdoor spaces - it's enough to tire out any youngster.