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Googong Foreshores and Dam

Googong Foreshores and Googong Dam

For information on the interface between Googong and the Googong Foreshores, see below.

Googonians are fortunate to enjoy all the benefits of living adjacent to the Googong Foreshores. The primary purpose of Googong Dam and the surrounding Googong Foreshores area is to provide high quality raw water for supply to the ACT and Queanbeyan. The area is also extremely valuable for its natural and cultural heritage, its recreational uses, and for its role in education and research.

From the Visit Queanbeyan website:

Whether you enjoy picnicking, bird watching, bushwalking, mountain bike riding, sailing, fishing or delving into history, Googong Foreshores is a wonderful place for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Fed by the Queanbeyan River and the numerous creeks that flow into the valley from the surrounding hillsides, the dam is by far the largest in the Queanbeyan region. Googong's management is aimed at protecting water quality, but there is far more to be experienced than just fresh water. The protected area around the dam is a Wildlife Refuge for native plants and animals, creating ideal opportunities for birdwatching, bushwalking and viewing wildlife. Explore the history of farming and settlement in the area at historic London Bridge Homestead. Near the original homestead is the London Bridge Arch, a remarkable natural limestone arch formed by Burra Creek over thousands of years.

However, with great privilege comes great responsibility. Maintaining the quality of the water in the reservoir is paramount. Googonians will be required to uphold high standards whilst visiting Googong Foreshores to ensure the protection of the water supply and the surrounding natural environment.

The following must be observed by all visitors:

  • Swimming is only permitted in the Queanbeyan River below the dam wall.
  • Visitors must only use the toilets provided.
  • Take your rubbish home—there are no bins at Googong Foreshores.
  • Leave animals, plants, rocks and wood where you find them. Googong is a Wildlife Refuge, therefore all native plants and animals are protected.
  • Do not bring pets into Googong Foreshores. Pets (including dogs and horses) are NOT PERMITTED.
  • Respect Googong Foreshores' opening and closing times. These are clearly stated on the Googong Dam website. No access is permitted when the Googong Foreshores is closed, not even by people on foot.
  • Camping is not permitted at Googong Foreshores.
  • Watercraft are allowed on the dam but all fuel driven craft are prohibited.
  • The release of unwanted aquarium or pond plants, animals or water is strictly prohibited.

For more information on Googong Foreshores, or to download a map and guide, visit the Googong Dam website here. You can also visit the Ranger Station on Googong Road or phone the rangers on (02) 6207 2779.

The Googong Foreshores Interface

Googong directly adjoins Googong Foreshores along its entire eastern boundary. To prevent impacts from the development upon the Googong Foreshores and the water supply, a 'Googong Foreshores Interface Management Area' (the 'Interface') has been delineated and a management strategy has been developed for this area. If you're interested, you can read this strategy here.

The location and constituent management areas of the Interface are shown below.

For Googonians who purchase blocks which occur partially or wholly within the Interface, the sort of controls which will be in place include the requirement for appropriate management regime relating to bush fire control, restrictions upon vegetation clearing, access provision, fencing controls, feral animal and weed control, and landscaping with local native species only. These will be made clear to prospective purchasers when these blocks are available for sale.

The Googong Foreshores Interface Map

The Googong off switch

The Googong off switch

A day spent with the kids in Googong's parks and outdoor spaces - it's enough to tire out any youngster.