Our Environmental Responsibility


A comprehensive energy strategy is currently under development, which will provide a range of sustainable energy solutions at both township level and within the homes.

These include the potential to source electricity through green power and for solar orientation to be optimised in both street and house layouts.

To help reduce Googong’s carbon footprint the township’s five neighbourhoods are designed so shops, schools and recreational facilities are within walking and cycling distance of most homes, reducing car dependency and fossil fuel use.

A range of employment opportunities within Googong’s town centre and neighbourhood centres will also reduce car dependency and energy use. By providing high speed fibre-to-the-home broadband service we will also be encouraging home-based employment in Googong.

The twelve homes in Googong's Display Village are HIA Green Smart accredited, and demonstrate leading technology in sustainable housing.

Home-builders wanting to build sustainable homes at the new Googong Township now have access to a free advisory service, including architectural advice. Queanbeyan City Council provides the service, which includes free workshops, personal consultations and online resources. This is an enormous opportunity for Googong residents – for more information, talk to our sales team or the Queanbeyan City Council via email at Myfanwy.Appleton@qcc.nsw.gov.au



The Googonian Department of Health recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. But with Club Googong and the township’s many parks close at hand, you may find it hard to limit your daily Googercise intake to just thirty minutes!