Googong Street Orienteering

Thursday, 18 January, 2018

Monday 19/2/18

Street Orienteering is coming to Googong on the evening of Monday 19 February! 
In this fun and inclusive sport, participants (either individual or teams) are given a map with 20 checkpoints, 

and you have to visit a certain number, depending on which course you have selected: 
Course A is any 18 checkpoints (approx. 8km) 
Course B is any 15 checkpoints (approx. 6km) 
Course C is any 12 checkpoints (approx. 4km) 
Course D is any 8 checkpoints (approx. 2-3km) 
There is also a category for walkers, which is as many checkpoints as you can get in 1 hour.

Newcomers and not-so-fit people are warmly welcome, as there are courses for everyone. 
You are
 also welcome to push a pram, and dogs (on a leash) are also totally fine to bring along. Plus, there's free watermelon afterwards!

Most people take around 45 minutes to complete their course. There is a 1 hour time limit on all courses.

Googong Street Orienteering will be held from Duncan Fields on Monday 19 February, with registration from 5:30pm - 6:00pm. 
They'll be a special beginners briefing at 6:00pm (covering how to read the map, etc), 
a full participant briefing at 6:10pm, and everyone starts together at 6:15pm. 
You don't need a compass for Street Orienteering.

Entry fees are $5 for an adult, $2 for children (under 18), and if you enter together as a family team it's $10.

We hope to see you there!

Let’s speak Googonian!

Let’s speak Googonian!

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