Introducing Googong


We’re thinking big

Googong is what’s known as a masterplanned township, which means it will develop in a planned rather than an ad hoc way. It will cover 780 hectares of former grazing land and will take around 20 years to complete. Around 18,000 people – living in approximately 6,200 dwellings – will one day call Googong home.

The Googong masterplan creates a number of distinct but connected neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood will have its own character while still being linked into the wider township.

Googong is a township, and will offer all the amenities and advantages of modern living. Housing will range from large family homes, through lifestyle homes such as cottages and courtyard homes, to compact, easy-to-care-for terraces and apartments. The higher density home styles will be located in the heart of each neighbourhood and in the town centre, along with shops and offices, to create an active and vibrant place to live, work and visit. 

Googong North is the site of our first neighbourhood and already thousands of people live here. Lot sizes in our early releases range from courtyard-style lots of around 330m2 to residential lots of around 1050m2, as well as terrace homes and shop-top apartments. 

A significant proportion of Googong’s area – over 23% – will be dedicated to open spaces and high quality landscaping will be provided throughout the township. In developing the parklands, we will be revegetating degraded areas with native species. Endangered native grasslands will be protected, along with habitats for other threatened species.

Googong is quite separate from the Googong Dam and its Foreshores. No development will take place within, or in an area visible from, the Foreshores area.

The Googonian Wave

The Googonian Wave

This traditional Googonian greeting grew directly from the unusually high frequency of barbeques at Googong.