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The builders in our Googong Builders Guild have a wide range of plans that incorporate the Googong design guidelines. To find a home that fits your needs, just select your criteria below. You can also search by builder name or the name of the home. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our builders will happily work with you to design your new home. Once you’ve selected a home to view, you’ll find more details and a plan. You can also download a brochure for each of the homes you’re interested in.

Please note that the content of the brochures has been prepared by the builders and Googong Township Pty Ltd is not liable for their content, so you need to make your own enquiries with the builder/s you select. While these plans comply with the Googong design guidelines and have preliminary approval, final approval of all designs and their placement on lots is still subject to approval by the Googong Design Co-ordinator. All illustrations are artists’ impressions only.

Alternatively, you can see some of these homes first hand by dropping into our Googong Display Village.

Coming home

Coming home

Returning home in the evenings to Googong, with its backdrop of beautiful Australian scenery, will leave you so full of zen-like contentment that you’ll practically float through the front door.