Becoming Googonian

Our Advertising Campaign

From our conversations with the many people who have already bought at Googong, it’s clear that this is going to be a very special community. Our purchasers are looking forward to the relaxed outdoor living and neighbourly attitude that are so much a part of the Australian lifestyle. But they’re also impressed by the modern amenities that Googong will provide.

Googong is different to other townships. It’s a place with room to grow, where modern convenience meets the strong community spirit of yesteryear. It’s a place where you can belong.

Because Googong is so very different, we wanted to give it an identity all of its own. That's why, just as people from Australia are Australian, people from Panama are Panamanian, and people from Brazil are Brazilian, we’ve dubbed the people from Googong – Googonian.

We realised this idea in our advertising campaign that celebrates the Googonian way of life, with its customs, its unique language and its flag. We’ve even penned the Googonian anthem!

Sure, we had some fun with our advertising. And why not? Googong will be a fun and friendly place to live, and we wanted the ads to reflect that fact. But behind the humour, it’s a campaign designed to give you a feel for your new life at Googong, and the many possibilities that go along with it.

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Googonian front porch

Googonian front porch

Feel more at one with your neighbourhood thanks to the traditional Googonian front porch. Served best with wine, cheese and a neighbour or two.