Becoming Googonian

Let’s speak Googonian!

Kayakable – any amount of water capable of holding your kayak (see Googong Dam)

Googercise – Physical activity performed at Beltana Park, Googong Dam, Club Googong and in the natural parkland surrounding Googong.

Neighbover – A common ritual in which Googonians invite the people next door around for dinner.

Enporched – Kicking back on the porch on a Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine, a good book, and absolutely no intention of moving for the next several hours.

The Googenheim – The fridge door, after being decked out with your kids’ latest paintings from school.

Technogoogs – Googong residents who enjoy the fast internet speeds of the township’s fibre to the home network.

Googojoy – a unit used to measure happiness. Measurements amongst Googong residents are off the charts. E.g. After a day spent fishing at the dam, Gavin’s mood climbed by approximately 470 googojoys.

Googongalicious – Used to describe food or wine prepared during a Googonian social gathering.

The Googong Off Switch – A day spent playing in Googong’s parks and outdoor spaces – your kids will be out like a light come bedtime.

Noogonians – Residents new to the township, still wide-eyed and smiling all the time (though to be fair, that doesn't tend to go away).

Googong Fun-gineers – Our landscape team who are also responsible for our playgrounds and parks. 

Free-range kids – Googonian children who enjoy the wide outdoors and friendly neighbourhoods of the township. 

The Googong off switch

The Googong off switch

A day spent with the kids in Googong's parks and outdoor spaces - it's enough to tire out any youngster.