Becoming Googonian

Let’s speak Googonian!

Kayakable – any amount of water capable of holding your kayak (see Googong Dam)

Googercise – Physical activity performed at Beltana Park, Googong Dam, Club Googong and in the natural parkland surrounding Googong.

Neighbover – A common ritual in which Googonians invite the people next door around for dinner.

Enporched – Kicking back on the porch on a Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine, a good book, and absolutely no intention of moving for the next several hours.

The Googenheim – The fridge door, after being decked out with your kids’ latest paintings from school.

Technogoogs – Googong residents who enjoy the fast internet speeds of the township’s fibre to the home network.

Googojoy – a unit used to measure happiness. Measurements amongst Googong residents are off the charts. E.g. After a day spent fishing at the dam, Gavin’s mood climbed by approximately 470 googojoys.

Googongalicious – Used to describe food or wine prepared during a Googonian social gathering.

The Googong Off Switch – A day spent playing in Googong’s parks and outdoor spaces – your kids will be out like a light come bedtime.

Noogonians – Residents new to the township, still wide-eyed and smiling all the time (though to be fair, that doesn't tend to go away).

Googong Fun-gineers – Our landscape team who are also responsible for our playgrounds and parks. 

Free-range kids – Googonian children who enjoy the wide outdoors and friendly neighbourhoods of the township. 

The Googonian Wave

The Googonian Wave

This traditional Googonian greeting grew directly from the unusually high frequency of barbeques at Googong.