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The company behind Googong, Googong Township Pty Ltd, is a joint venture between two of Australia’s leading property developers, Peet Limited and Mirvac Group.

Peet is the company responsible for the vision behind Googong, having worked on the planning and design of the township since 2000. Peet (formerly CIC Australia) is a publicly listed company and Australia's largest specialist residential land developer, creating quality residential communities across Australia for more than 120 years.

Mirvac is one of the leading brands in the Australian development and construction industry and has produced some of Australia’s most renowned residential projects. Like Peet, Mirvac has a proven track record of innovative and sustainable development and has received numerous awards for excellence in this area.

The partnership between Peet and Mirvac ensures that Googong will be a community that sets new standards for living in today’s world. 


The Googonian Wave

The Googonian Wave

This traditional Googonian greeting grew directly from the unusually high frequency of barbeques at Googong.